• Enrollment or membership fee needs to be paid not later than 7 days upon joining date or giving enrollment confirmation to any coaches or staff of the academy.
    • Upon receiving the payment, membership cannot be canceled or reimbursed after 7 days.
    • Membership fee can only be transferred to the next term if an event occurs outside Elite’s control – natural disasters and a like.
    • Members have possibility of doing limited number of make-up sessions per term depending on the package that has been booked. Based on formula ‘Number of sessions weekly x 2’.
    • Make up sessions has to be booked prior training with Elite Admin Officer or Coaches.
    • Elite will offer make up sessions only to the members that missed the practice due to illness or injury. Doctors note would be mandatory in this occasion.
    • Make up session has to be completed in the same Term.
    • Make up sessions won’t be available during Holiday Camps.
    • Missed sessions during Holiday Camps cannot be transferred in regular training season.
    • Missed Tournament cannot be transferred in the next Term
    • Special requests can be discussed with the management on case-by-case basis.
    • Elite keeps the right to cancel sessions. In case the practice session is canceled due to a factor outside of Elite control (rain, pandemic, war, venue cancellation, and etc.) makeup session will be provided. In these cases, Refund of 70% can be provided.
    • Make up sessions cannot be applied if there is an outstanding balance against your account
    • If the scheduled makeup session is not attended, no refund or further credit note will be made available (makeup sessions must be completed within the same school term)


Academy offers year round training from some of the best coaches around. Players are exposed to coaches who have played at various levels ranging from the best in the world to current collegiate athletes. We offer clinics and year round club teams.