Our Team

Elite Volleyball Team


All our coaches are hand picked and have degrees in various fields around Physical Education and are either ex – professional players or have long experience in coaching Volleyball.

Some of the titles that our coaches poses :

  • Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Teacher of Physical Education
  • Operational Trainer – Volleyball
  • Graduate Manager specialized in Sports Management
  • Senior Sports Coach Specialized in Volleyball
  • Volleyball Coach

(diplomas and certificates available upon request)

Most of our coaches were professional players that dominated first leagues all around Europe and Middle East.

Positions that our coaches played :

  • Setters
  • Outside hitters
  • Libero
  • Opposite spikers

still don’t have a ex middle blocker in our team but we are looking for one.  It is so hard to find a smart middle blocker in general 🙂

Above are just some facts that make us different from others on paper ,  In real life we are all just ppl that are in love with the game and enjoy teaching kids proper ways of the most beautiful sport on the planet!   

Come see us in action and judge for yourself.





Academy offers year round training from some of the best coaches around. Players are exposed to coaches who have played at various levels ranging from the best in the world to current collegiate athletes. We offer clinics and year round club teams.