Elite Volleyball Academy Dubai

Elite Volleyball Academy Dubai

Looking for a place to play volleyball? Look no further than Elite Volleyball Academy!

From Mirdif to Emirates Hills, from the indoor courts to the beach, we have locations across Dubai that are easily accessible to all who want to play volleyball.

Elite Volleyball Academy is a training organization that focuses on developing the skills and mindsets of athletes at all levels—from current collegiate players to the finest players in the world. All year long, we offer training from some of the best coaches out there. Our coaches have played at all levels, from elite players around the globe to current pro athletes. Each of our volleyball coaches were hand-picked. They either have a degree in a physical education-related discipline, a wealth of coaching experience, or were former professional volleyball players. Either way, we have the BEST there is to offer!

Our goal is to create a positive learning environment for everyone. Our experienced coaches provide a fantastic club volleyball experience by sharing their vast knowledge and significant coaching experience. We help players reach their maximum potential, instill in them the importance of collaboration, and provide the tools they need to manage their teams.

We are currently running volleyball training sessions in 13 locations. To view the detailed schedule for each location, please click click here.