Abu Dhabi Package for Kids And Teens

Abu Dhabi Package for Kids And Teens

Abu Dhabi Packages

Kids & Teens

Season 2024-2025 Volleyball Term 1 starts on Monday, 26th of August 2024 and ends on 2nd of February 2025 – consist of 21 weeks. 

FOR EXISTING MEMBERS, please note that our academy offers packages that is based on our academy’s terms: Package of 21, 42, 63, 84, 105, and etc. sessions according to the number of weeks in the term. In case of being late to register the package will be calculated per the below example:

Package twice a week: The first 21 sessions will be charged as 1 session per week. The succeeding sessions will be charged as 2 sessions per week.

Term-Based Packages Price Below:
  • One time per week – AED 140 per practice
  • Two times per week – AED 120 per practice
  • Three times per week –  AED 105 per practice
  • Four times per week –  AED 95 per practice
  • Five times per week –  AED 85 per practice

Mandatory Admin Fee (once every season) ofAED500. This covers admin and registration fees for the season, inclusive of Elite t-shirt and jersey set.

Single training AED 200. If a student cancels their package in the middle of the season and does not fall under the eligibility to refund within our policies, they will be charged this rate per session. 

Tournament Fee per academic term AED250.

 Value-Added Tax or VAT will be added on top of above rates!

We accept instalments in a form of post-dated cheques. Please reach out to our admin or coaches to get the payable to details.

Please read Refund Make Up Policy.

Participants that decide to pay annual membership fee will have 10% discount.

Early Bird Discount: From 20th June to 10th July, customers who register in our academy will be eligible for a 10% discount on the regular price of training fees. Please be aware that these discounts are subject to change and may not be combined with any other promotional offers.

Limited Availability: We strongly encourage members to register as early as possible, as our locations are becoming fully booked at a rapid pace. Due to high demand, availability cannot be guaranteed for all dates and locations. Registering early will ensure a higher chance of securing your desired days and location.