Ramadan Volleyball Tournament

AFOC Ramadan Volleyball Tournament

Terms and Conditions

We invite you to “The 23rd Ramadan ZAYED SPORTS TOURNAMENT” organized annually by the Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel.

Gents: (May 11th until May 13th, starting from 9pm) – Prize Pool AED 50,000

Ladies: (May 13th until May 15th, starting from 9pm) – Prize Pool AED 40,000


Registration fee AED 4,000

Please register your teams via link below:

For more information please call 0568111415/ 0568111416


    All players and coaches have to be pre-register. Only players/coaches from the list can play/coach in the tournament. All players/coaches must have valid photo ID before every game in order to get on the court.  Team leader will be designated for each team and his responsibility will be to manage and sign up teams before each game.

For participating in the tournament, a team needs minimum 6 players. Team cannot have more than 15 players plus coaching staff. Coaching staff – one head coach and one assistant coach is allowed, if no one is registered team captain will have to act as a coach.

Players cannot be added or replaced after the cutoff point (not less than 48hrs prior to the start of tournament). Coaches can be changed only once beyond the cutoff point.

All players have to sign liability form and code of conduct. If players are younger than 18 years of age, parents to sign the form and copy of that parent’s passport to be handed back with the document.  Players can be any nationality.


Team leader not less than 30min prior to the official game time to submit Valid Photo ID-s of the players/coaches participating in that game. Only players that are present on the start of warm-up can be sign up for the game. On the game sheet team leader to designate coach/assistant coach/captain/Libero (Captain cannot be Libero).

ONLY team captain is allowed to talk to the 1st referee during the game. If captain is outside of the 6 people on the court, game captain takes the charge.

During the game, players not in play should either sit on their team bench or be in their warm-up area. The coach and other team members sit on the bench, but may temporarily leave it. Warm-up rules during the game as per the FIVB 4.2.3 clause.

Both the team captain and the coach are responsible for the conduct and discipline of their team members. Every unprofessional behavior will have consequences.


Game will be played as per FIVB rules and regulations.


A set (except the deciding set) is won by the team which first scores 25 points with a minimum lead of two points. In the case of a 24-24 tie, play is continued until a two-point lead is achieved (26-24; 27-25; etc.).

The number of sets needed to win the match To Be Confirmed.

System of competition To Be Confirmed. 

In the case of a tie, the deciding set is played to 15 points with a minimum lead of 2 points.

If a team refuses to play after being summoned to do so, it is declared in default and forfeits the match with the maximum result for the match and 0-25 for each set.

A team that, without strong justifiable reason, does not appear on the playing court 30 minutes before the official game time is declared in default and forfeits the match with the maximum result for the match and 0-25 for each set.

A team that is declared INCOMPLETE for the set or for the match loses the set or the match. The opponent team is given the points, or the points and the sets, needed to win the set or the match. The incomplete team keeps its points and sets.

Each team may request a maximum of two 30 second time-outs. There are no “Technical Time- Outs”.


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