This Ramadan Elite Volleyball had a great run at all the tournaments!

When there is no single gold medal left to win

This year’s Ramadan was busy as never before for students of Elite volleyball academy as well as the coaches. In total they attended four Ramadan tournaments in UAE and guess what – they won every single tournament.

The female team of Elite Volleyball Academy traveled to Sharjah to attend the Ramadan Tournament of Sharjah Ladies Club. Delighted by the well-organized tournament in such a lovely and friendly environment, the female team of the Academy played its way through three nights of volleyball. The last and final game took place against one of the best female teams in Dubai, the team of Esperia. Taking into consideration, that Esperia finished last season of UAE league on third place, a hard and intense final game was to be expected. In the end, nevertheless, Elite took the golden trophy.

Same parties, different location: In the finals of Zayed Sports Tournament, organized by the Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel in Abu Dhabi, the ladies of Elite Volleyball Academy were again facing Esperia. Another high level game, including amazing spikes and unbelievable digs, but in the end, another well-deserved victory for the female team of Elite Volleyball Academy.

Elite Volleyball Team 1st place at Zayed Sports Tournament 2019

At the same location the male team of Elite Volleyball Academy proofed, that they keep up with the girl’s victories. The team did not lose a single game during the tournament and was the well-deserved winner of the 23rd Zayed Sports Tournament.

Elite Volleyball Academy would like to thank the organizers of the different sporting events for their efforts, energy and hospitality during the holy month of Ramadan. It is a privilege to be invited to these tournaments and an honor to participate.

Elite Volleyball Male Team at Zayed Sports Tournament 2019
Elite Volleyball Team 1st place at Zayed Sports Tournament 2019
Dusan Lopar spikes against Baniyas Club Abu Dhabi

Also, it was the coaches time, to proof, that they are not only brilliant in teaching the art of volleyball, but that they are still able to compete with professional players. Coach Pedja, Coach Nemanja and Coach Uros attended the Nad Al Sheba tournament in Dubai, each of them in a different team. After an amazing and very intense final game, the team of Coach Uros ended on second place whereas the team of Coach Nemanja reached the top of all six attending teams and took the gold medal.

Coach Nemanja won 1st place with team 2021 at NAS Tournament 2019

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