Is my kid too young to start?  

It all depends on the motor skills the child has, but we use the age of 6 as a benchmark.

What group should my kid start in? 

Volleyball groups are determined by skill level, not age or height. After the assessment practice, coaches will determine what group is the best for the kid. Our coaches are all aware that being around much younger kids can be demotivating, and we assure you that it would be much worse if the child was with an advanced group and unable to perform exercises as everyone else. When the kid is ready, we will move him/her to the next level. We WILL NOT break under the parent’s pressure.

How many times a week should my kid practice?

It all depends on what you are trying to achieve and what your schedule looks like. Our recommendation would be:  2 – 3 times per week for kids that are trying to learn basics and stay active.  4+ times a week for kids that are pursuing volleyball scholarships or professional contracts in the future.

Why isn’t the youngest group practicing with the ball more often? 

At the young age of 6 – 10, it is crucial for us to develop their motor skills, coordination, team spirit and to lay the foundations for a proper technique. That is why they perform more of playground type of drills and basic ball exercises repeatedly. 

 My kid missed 2 practices because of a school trip. Can I get the money back?

In case of absence, we can offer you make up sessions in the same term.

 Does the Academy offer sibling discounts?

There is a sibling discount of 20% for second child.

My child is already involved in few sport activities and would like to start practicing volleyball, how often is it good?

Encouraging a child to be in a healthy and competitive sport environment, helps developing physical and social skills. We recommend that the kid starts with 2-3 times per week. Later on, it can be adjusted to more or less depending on their needs, interests and progress. The most important is that it is enjoyable and beneficial for the kid, which is our main objective.


Do you have personal volleyball trainings?

Volleyball is a team sport and interaction with other players and teammates is important for making progress and being a team player. However, if you want to improve and work on certain skills, individual sessions are possible with previous assessment based on age, level and aim you would like to achieve.

Are you associated with other volleyball communities? (If I join and become a member can you refer me to some professional team?)

Elite is an independent volleyball sports academy with its own team of coaches and network of available schools for practice. It provides volleyball services and organizes tournaments and sports events. As our member, you will be supported with guidelines through your growth and advice for any potential professional volleyball career.

 If I miss my practice how can I credit it back?

If you miss your practice, you can always make it up by attending the next available training within the same school term.

What equipment is required for volleyball practice?

Only sneakers/gym shoes and comfortable sports clothes are necessary for a volleyball training. Some popular brands offer volleyball accessories and specially designed clothes for volleyball (knee pads, socks, shoes…), however it depends on you whether you want to bring them or not to the practice.

Do you have Adults training for beginners? (I never played volleyball before and I would like to join and practise with Adults)

Elite Volleyball Academy welcomes everyone who would like to learn and practise volleyball, and we do have sessions for all levels in our Adults trainings.

I’m already a member and would like to enroll my friend, how can I do that?

Simply, by filling out and submitting the application form. Once this first step is done, Elite team will contact you. Link for the application form: http://volleyballacademy.ae/join-the-academy/



Academy offers year round training from some of the best coaches around. Players are exposed to coaches who have played at various levels ranging from the best in the world to current collegiate athletes. We offer clinics and year round club teams.